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"Dance" of Cranes Handblown Etched Artist Signed Vase

"Dance" of Cranes Handblown Etched Artist Signed Vase

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Embrace the daring spirit with this stunning handblown etched vase featuring a mesmerizing "dance" of cranes. Inspired by the graceful movements of the Red Crowned cranes in Hokkaido Island, Japan, this vase is a true masterpiece. The clear glass footed base is adorned with layered hues of soft pink glass, gradually transitioning into clear glass etched with images of the elegant cranes. The rounded top, in a delicate shade of pink, adds a touch of charm to this unique piece. The cranes' ballet-like motions and spiritual symbolism of honesty make this vase truly enchanting. Signed by artists Paras/Renaud, this vase boasts a 2" base, 3-1/2" width, and 1" opening at the top. Own this symbol of adventure and take the risk to add it to your collection today!

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