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"Dance" of Cranes Handblown Etched Artist Signed Vase

"Dance" of Cranes Handblown Etched Artist Signed Vase

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A "dance" of cranes handblown etched artist signed vase. This artist signed handblown glass "dance" of cranes vase consists of a clear glass footed base with layered hues of soft pink glass and clear glass thru the etched images of the cranes tapering to soft pink at the rounded top. A family of cranes is known as a dance.  Their ballet like movements and grace in flight fits perfectly with the term dance of which they are associated.  Spiritually the crane is a symbol of honesty.  This vase is signed Paras/Renaud on the bottom and measures approx. 2" at the base, 3-1/2" at the widest point and 1" opening at the top.

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