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Lady Slippers

Vintage Lenox "Juliet" Italian Renaissance Period (1480-1510) Figurine

Vintage Lenox "Juliet" Italian Renaissance Period (1480-1510) Figurine

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Own this exquisite vintage Lenox "Juliet" figurine styled from the iconic Italian Renaissance Period (1480-1510)! Impeccably crafted looking to her left with her eye-catching blue dress and purple shawl with blue trim, gold jewellery and blonde hair wrapped in a traditional Juliet cap. Part of Lenox's renowned "Great Fashions of History" collection, this highly detailed porcelaine figurine stands at 5-7/8" high and 2-5/8" wide. She is stamped on the bottom Lenox and a hallmark, made in Japan, Juliet, Italian Renaissance Period (1480-1510), The Great Fashions of History, Fine Porcelain.

Invest in this timeless masterpiece - a wonderful reminder of a treasured era.



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