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Lady Slippers

Two Eye Catching Signed Francis Paraison Paintings on Canvas

Two Eye Catching Signed Francis Paraison Paintings on Canvas

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Two eye catching signed Francis Paraison paintings on canvas.  Through Francis Paraison's artist eyes, we see everyday life filled with whimsy and vibrant color. Reminding us to make every minute enjoyable.

Francis Paraison's painting "Tomato" has an exaggerated, oversized tomato balanced on the heads of three women.  The message is that anything is possible if you align yourself with the right people.

The painting "The Market" depicts an outdoor market ablaze with color women and mean wearing brightly colored clothing all with the most expressive eyes. Reminding us that there is beauty in every day life, if only we open our eyes.

Each canvas painting measures 12" x 16", is signed and dated (1996) by the Haitian artist Francis Paraison  (1958-2003)  stretched over wood and wired on the back.

 A portion of this sale will be donated to Jose Andres WTC.

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