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Antique French Mother of Sorrows Servite Rosary

Antique French Mother of Sorrows Servite Rosary

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An antique French Mother of Sorrows servite rosary.  Antique mid 1860's French servite rosary is embossed with the letter IHS on the heart shaped connector which stands for The Holy Name of Jesus with a cross and detailed beading around it.  The other side of the connector consists of the image of the Holy Spirit and a lamb representing Jesus laying on top of the cross with rays of light detailing around it.  Above the connector are aluminum stations of the cross medals on one side with a description in English of the stations on the other side. At the base of the rosary is the Mother of Sorrows medal with the image of Mary on one side and Jesus on the other being crucified.  The aluminum Mother of Sorrows medal is stamped France. The Mother of Sorrows and the heart shaped connector are versed in Latin. Aluminum at this time was considered a rare commodity in the late 1800's.  The beads are hand carved wooden beads with some of the finish worn on these wooden beads from devotional use. This rosary has a condition issue with one of the medals having some red marker on the back. This beautiful servite rosary is wired with chain adds extra strength over a strung bead rosary.  This rosary measures approx. 24" long, the stations of the cross medals measures approx. 1/2" x 7/8", the center connector measures approx. 5/8" in diameter, approx. a 4" drop, the Mother of Sorrows medal measures approx. 5/8" x 7/8". We have included a leather rosary case with this servite rosary.

Please take a look at our photographs and double check the dimensions. We want you to be happy.

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