Vintage Radio Flyer Maple Wood USA 4 Wheel Scooter Cycle Kids Genuine Classic

  • $55.00

A vintage Radio Flyer maple wood USA 4 wheel scooter cycle Kkds genuine classic.

This solid wood Radio Flyer scooter measures approx. 18" long by about 7-1/2" tall not including the handle bars. 

The scooter has a condition issue as it is missing one of the tassels on one handlebar, one of the white wall tires has a scuff in the whitewall and the scooter was customized with the name of Jay painted on the seat.

The scooter will be shipped with the handle bar removed from it's base so that it can save on shipping costs. It can be easily reattached by threading a single screw back thru the base to the metal nut at the bottom.

Please take a look at our photographs and double check the dimensions.  We want you to be happy.