Vintage 1973 Christian Dior Choker Necklace

  • $225.00

A vintage 1973 Christian Dior choker necklace.  This modern looking choker necklace by Dior consists of a luxurious single band of gold-tone metal which wraps around your neckline.  The necklace ends in the back with a by pass design and a distinct round bead at both ends.  The ends of the necklace move up and down slightly to allow placement of this necklace with perfect precision.   The choker is marked on a cartouche Chr. Dior 1973 and Germany.  The choker measures approx. 15" all around with a 4-3/4" diameter and 2.53 mm high.

Please take a look at our photographs and double check the dimensions.  We want you to be happy.