Unique Suffragette Double Strand Necklace

  • $74.00

Unique Suffragette Double Strand Necklace. Celebrate the strong and beautiful woman you are or give this necklace to the strong and beautiful woman in your life.  This striking dimensional pop out silver coin necklace with a Victorian style double strand layered necklace.  The pendant depicts a beautiful woman from a long time ago who sports a laurel wreath and anchors the inner strand of this necklace. The silver coin is dated 1915 with the words "In God We Trust" above the dimensional image of the woman. The double strand necklace consists of a bright silver tone embossed linked chain with a smaller smooth linked chain on the interior.  The necklace measures approx. 36" on the outer length and approx. 30" on the interior with the coin pendant measuring approx. 1" x 1/2" deep.

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