Original Alan & Rosemary Bennett Frog Wall Sculpture

  • $192.00

An original Alan & Rosemary Bennett frog wall sculpture. 

This playful frog in hues of soft yellow, soft pink, soft purple, and blue was hand carved from clay by the artist Alan & Rosemary Bennett then hollowed out and it's porcelain eyes were added and then fired to create these beautiful pastel shades.

 Gazing adoringly upward at you with his beautiful frog eyes, as he climbs down the wall cliff.  The frog is a symbol of transformation as they grow from tad pole to frog. 

This frog by the artist Alan & Rosemary Bennett is signed Bennett on the interior, measures approx. 6" wide x 7" high x 2-1/2" deep with 1 hole at the top for hanging.

Please take a look at our photographs and double check the dimensions. We want you to be happy.