LS Charlie Change Purse & Proud Poodle Pin New

  • $38.00

A LS Charlie change purse & proud poodle pin. This LS exclusive Charlie change purse which is part of a curated collection of our one of a kind vintage pins and custom hand sewn bags by Little Man Originals. Each bag is unique with both the pin and bag made in the USA. The look of each purse centers around the design of the vintage pin.

A mid century modern poodle pin in shades of soft black, gold, pink and red enameling is set on a purse with soft black polka dots on a soft white fabric. This pin changes the look of the entire bag creating a show stopping original, it’s two pieces in one. The proud poodle with her perfectly coiffed fur is showing off her beautiful pink bow.

This Charlie change purse has a key fob set on one side for that one important key in your life. A gold tone metal zippered top opens to reveal a modern looking fabric lining of gray and white polka dot fabric. We have found many creative uses for this change purse as it is perfect for make up when you're on the go. The purse measures approx. 6" x 3-1/2” x 2" deep and the pin measures approx.1-3/4" in diameter.

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