Goebel Hummel "Little Pharmacist" Figurine

  • $38.00

A Goebel Hummel "Little Pharmacist" figurine.  An adorable boy in a white lab coat, orange bow tie, and lab goggles.  In one hand he holds a receipt which he is staring at so intently, he does not realize that the bottle of castor oil he is holding is dripping out onto the floor behind him. The side of the stand is labeled M J Hummel and the underside is marked Goebel, V with a bee, and stamped W. Germany, 1955, #322. This figurine has a condition issue with the tip of his pencil tucked behind his ear chipped in the front. This figurine is part of the Playing Doctor Series and measures approx. 3.5" w x 6" h x 3" d.

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