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Vintage Phil Brennion Large Turned Wood Bowl Arizona

  • $950.00

Vintage Phil Brennion Large Turned Wood Bowl Arizona

Gorgeous large turned wood bowl by an accomplished wood turner and teacher from Arizona Phil Brennion.  The workmanship and artistry is evident the minute one lays eyes on this piece.

The vintage footed hand turned bowl consists of soft and warm brown hues with a highly detailed carved outer ring and polished inner bowl which honors the tree showing the rings of the tree. Phil Brennion was known for collecting wood from Arizona for his pieces.

This much loved turned wooden bowl is signed Brennion on the back.  Phil Brennion was am accomplished wood turner and  teacher from Arizona. He was one of the original founders for the Art Gallery Van Gogh's Ear in Prescott, Arizona.  He also wrote articles for the American Wood turner and Wood Magazine.

We were able to confirm that this piece is Phil Brennion's bowl as it matches his workmanship style and signature.

This hand turned bowl measures approx. 16" wide x 4-1/4" high with a base of approx. 4" wide. This bowl has a condition issue with a few hairline cracks on the inside bottom of the bowl, some scratches from use along the lip of the bowl and on the sides.

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