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Maurice Prendergast 1859-1924 First Edition Book

Maurice Prendergast 1859-1924 First Edition Book

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This book titled Maurice Prendergast 1859-1924 written by Hedley Howell Rhys in 1960 and is a first edition.

What sets this book apart from others are the 36 printed illustrations that bring the art of Maurice Prendergast come alive.

This book is over fifty years old. The ink that these art prints were printed  is no longer used and it’s this ink and printing process that makes this artwork come alive. 

This book has a condition issue with the paper cover torn and ripped down the back. There is water damage in the back of the book luckily nothing touched the art prints only in the section where the sketches are shown. 

Please take a look at our photographs.

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